Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back To Work

Just an update, I was cleared to return to work, several days ago so I honestly have not had the time to post to this blog.

For the one or two Fruit-loops reading this for... whatever the hell any of you get out of this, an update.

So Elizabeth is a Detective, and after our conversation about Maya, she requested to be put on the investigation into her escape, and she let me tag along, we had a chance to talk to Maya's primary caretaker, a man named John Clarke, who had shared some insights into her mental state...

As far as I can tell, Maya, was Catatonic about 95% of the time she was in the ward, to the point where she was needing help even basic functions, the other 5% of the time, was a combination of screaming, drawing random shit on the walls, or on paper... a recurring theme was a drawing of a man with a black sword, A tall Man, who I'm guessing is your Slenderman, and strange symbols that the lab boys are trying to wrap there heads around as we speak...

Time, is of the Essence here.... She killed again... in the same forest.... This time is was a 10 year old boy. No relation to her previous victim, no connection, it was a random killing, which means she's not being choosy about who she takes out. That makes her dangerous, but we couldn't tie her to the scene either, someone in her degraded mental state should be sloppy.... but we have found absolutely no proof that she was even there, or that anyone was there... it's like these people were killed by a trained assassin, or a god damn ghost...

We can't even pin point what was used to eviscerate either Victim....

Anyways, I haven't had to do much on my end, it's been oddly quiet, little activity needing Swat's involvement as of late.....

there was one more thing, I had my eyes checked out to see if they were damaged, or if my eyes being weird is why I’m getting headaches. Look sorry if I don't get to technical here, but some part of my eye, that deals with how I receive visual input has been changed.. warped... widened if you will so I'm actually receiving to much visual information, hence the headaches... I got told in a few weeks that my brain would adjust and the headaches would go away... but they haven't been....

It's weird when I was at the scene... I almost felt like I was seeing... I don't know... weird colors... I need to get to work....

Thursday, January 10, 2013

There was Blood.

Okay so another disclaimer, this is another post I transcribed from my Recorder, not because I had a headache this time, but because it just happened to of been on when my former partner Lizzie was over earlier, we got to talking and we might have picked up our first real clue. Lizzie signed off on me transcribing this to the blog.


*As a note Lizzie was already here for lunch, I included the comments about her coking to help set up the scene here

<Me> So that was.... you said Spaghetti squash Lasagna?

<Lizzie> Yeah it …. turned out okay right?

<Me> Yeah it was good, I mean for some low carb thing

<Lizzie> Well good, maybe if your up for it you could come to my place for a change on Sunday for the game, the Hawks are really kicking ass this year. I'll make the same dish again.

<Me> Yeah I really haven’t had the time lately, what with the party and sitting around with my thumb up my ass while I wait for them to sign off on my medical report.

<Lizzie> Yeah well that means you can make time because your not going to be busy on Sunday then

<Me> You know if I start watching there going to lose right? Every time I sit down and watch they lose. If anything I’m supporting our team by not watching them play.

<Lizzie> Well yeah I mean we don't want you fucking up our chances or anything, I mean you are a walking Jinx after all (Charming I know right? -Tom)

<Me> Low blow Lizzie, Low bl- (Sound cuts due me opening beer bottles near the recorder)

<Lizzie> Yeah well- Wow holy shit what happened to your neck?

*My normally docile cat freaked out last night and scratched me bad in the neck

<Me> God damn Hobbes freaked out and clawed me and was hiding in my office for the whole night, I don't even know anymore what's with that damn cat

<Lizzie> Well lets see here... (silence for several moments).. Well that looks a bit better, You should keep a Gauss pad on it, if you didn't have enough on your plate I'd drag your ass to a hospital.

<Me> Speaking of full plates... How's work?

<Lizzie> Shit! Yeah that reminds me, I wanted to tell you about this, there was this really freaky as fuck killing last night in Lakewood, Do you remember where Seeley Lake Apartments are?

<Me> Yeah it has that creepy as fuck woods behind it where there was that rash of Suicides a few years back right?

<Lizzie> Yeah that's the place, Fuck I actually threw up after I saw this, this was the Lakeside Landings killing all over again.

<Me> …...... Go on..

<Lizzie> So we get the call, some morning jogger notices some bag hanging up just a bit off trail from a tree, he gets over there and see's this like... I want to say... 16 to 18 year old male's body.... laying next to this hanging back, cut the fuck open from crown to crotch... I mean exposed ribcage, cut like with a scalpal, cause of death right?

<Me> That would seem obvious, but....

<Lizzie> It's not, at least we don't think it is, there was no sign of struggle, no scrapes, bruises, minor cuts, not signs of resistance, it's like the guy was dead when he was dragged there or...

<Me> Or he willingly allowed himself to be cut open at the scene.

<Lizzie> Exactly... and honestly I have no idea how fucked you would have to be to allow that... But that's not the worst part of this, you see, the bag? That contained most of his organs, his lungs, his heart, his stomach, liver.... it was.. well I had to step off trailed to throw up and you know how much I can withstand....

(I'm silent at this point)

<Lizzie> So yeah, we got a real fuckwad out there.

<Me> That does sound exactly like the Lakeside Landings Slayings... right down to the Bag of organs.

<Lizzie> Really? You mean like a Copycat?

<Me> No... the young girl who was found alive there? The one arrested for it and locked up in Western State? She escape on New Years... Did you not hear about this?

<Lizzie> You'd think I would have... But no, no one mentioned it at the station.


So it looks like Maya killed someone... Cut him up and strung his organs up in a tree like your Fan fiction.... If this is Maya, then she is seriously fucked up and needs to be brought in....

If this is Maya.

Status update #1

As a side note, before I go any further, This is being transcribed from an audio file, I got the worst migraine headache of my life last night, and didn't feel like staring at a screen writing this out at the time.


Wow this idea was pointless.... I mean thanks for the show of support for the departed, it was very tragic, but it seems like none of you are either posting to your blogs anymore, or your not giving up any useful information.

*A faint groan is heard over the audio, why am I transcribing random noises?*

Shit.... Well you know what? I'm sure they would have appreciated this if they were still alive and didn't have there god damn organs strung up in trash bags when we got there.

I woke up this morning and someone actually had commented that I needed to run... or I'd be next.... What kind of shit is this? Are you trying to drag me into your little roleplay? Is that it?

No... I didn't start this up to play games with you, I am trying to hunt down a 20 year old Psychopath, because I strongly suspect she has a part to play in what happened to me, and honestly, the department is seriously dragging some ass right now.

*Pained chuckling is heard*

I'll give the previous writers this, they choose one hell of way to confess to a whole lot of shit, murder, vandalism, destruction of property, fucking kidnapping of a minor, if Paul was still alive, there would be a whole mess of words we would want to have with him.

*A doorbell is heard in another room*

That must be Lizzie, she said she was going to come over and check up on me, I should end this recording for now and actually live my life a bit.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Don't Seem To Be Having Any Luck With You People

Yeah I'm going here, I'm not having any luck with this, I may just not be giving this enough time, this is the first time anyone, let alone the original owners of this blog have posted on this thing in months, so it must be a bit of a shock that someone is posting to it now.

Lets lay a few ground rules down then for those of you who might be hesitant to give “The Man” any information.

1.) I do not plan on going after anyone!

I hope this is obvious to you all, I mean seriously, how would I go after anyone, you all tend to be Anonymous on here, going by handles, or at least have common enough screen names, yes I read a few of the blogs Paul Rayfield had followed, and yeah, I could make a god damn spreadsheet of all the laws you guys broke... But this isn’t about you, and to be honest, this isn’t even part of an actual investigation.

2.) This is not an official investigation.

This is Me, a member of the SWAT team here, trying to come to grips with what happened on the roof of my best friends apartment building, on new years eve... why when I woke up, my eyes were fucked up, and 36 people went missing leaving clothes and valuables behind....

Yes, while were on the subject, finding Maya, who killed 4 people in a way that I can only describe has “Apocalyptic” in it's nature, would be a plus, she needs mental help, and is a danger to others. So anyone who remembers associating with her, would be my best friend right now if they could point me in a possible right direction right now to find her.

3.) This blog was just convenient for my personal investigation, which is not about Paul Rayfield.
Hey lets all be honest here, I don't honestly believe a single word posted here, it's frankly insulting, yeah I got bored and watched a few episodes of that Marble Hornets show, buy hey guess what “Troy has a Camera” 

So as far as I'm concerned, Paul Rayfield really wasn’t a saint, and this blog did help shed some light on that multi-person shootout we had in the area of his apartment a few months back, but it honestly was not the case of some supernatural force at work, this was the case of a man, pissing some people off, and killing each other for it. Don't even get me started when I forwarded his confession to that Pittsburgh Warehouse Explosion to PPD

Hell he's was probably killed by Maya as well and buried somewhere... it adds up honestly.
But I want to pick your brains anyways about the supernatural, because the Doctors said that there's nothing wrong with me, no odd chemical imbalance, not viral agents, no radiation, no reason for me to black out, have my eyes change color, and for half of the people I call friends to disappear the party.

So since I'm on paid leave from the force anyways while the official investigation finds Jack Shit, I'm going to use this time to crowd source my mystery here, and hope that someone who knows about the paranormal chimes in with idea's.

I Hijacked This Blog for a Purpose.

My name is Sergeant Thomas Neuman of the Tacoma Police Department, and I can't believe I'm doing this.

But I need the help of the people who followed this blog, once belonging to  one Paul Rayfield, a man who went missing about 6 months ago. I was originally assigned to the case shortly after an incident that involved the confirmed murder of a one time associate of Paul Rayfield, as well as a string of deaths surrounding him, as well as the disappearances of other people associated with him,

The recent institutionalization of the the romantic partner of Paul Rayfield last August after we discovered her in an apartment complex here in Tacoma, surrounded by the bodies of several young people including a teenage runaway named Anna.

As far as we can tell, this girl Maya, killed them all with a meat cleaver, and just sat back down and waited for the Swat team to come and arrest her..

I was part of that Swat team, which is why I'm posting this.

Every since that day, I have been the subject of some mild weirdness, stuff in my house being moved around, strange letters, written in my own hand, being sent to myself in the mail which I have no idea. 

But the most recent event happened  at a New Years Eve party on the roof of a friends apartment building, an event I'm personally calling "The light" Because that's all I remember of it, was waking up after seeing a bright blinding flash, I was the only one left on the roof... 36 people... were just gone, with only clothes remaining, and I for some reason was "Marked" by the experience with my eyes, now having a silver tint, where they used to be brown.

At the time of my experience, Maya escaped from the Mental institution where she was being kept for security concerns.

So this is why I'm taping into this blogging community, because it seems that as much fluff and fiction that seems to be posted to this blog, there just might be a grain of truth to it, and if anyone here has any information as to where Maya would have gone, it would be appreciated to say the very least.

For now I intend on using this blog for my information gathering, if anyone has ever experienced anything similar to this, please post about it here.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

We need some input here.

It's Anna by the way, I'm still borrowing Pauls acct until we make a decision as to what were going to do.

Well for starters, were all fine, no Slenderman, no Proxy attacks, not reprisals... it's been, kinda peacefull, I even took Maya out to see fireworks with Mike and Angel last night....

Maya.... She's not talking at all, she barely seems to be recognizing anyone here, and she's pretty much out of touch with reality right now.

Angel and I are taking care of her hygiene and food needs, she eats when given foot, but needs help with baths and... you know I'm not going into this in detail right now.

Since Paul is gone, the three of us are discussing what we should do with the blog, when Mike's not burying his ass in front of the computer killing all the bandwidth playing "The Secret World". Truth be told, we don't know where to go from here.

Do we keep the blog going in Paul's name? I mean I'd set up my own blogger acct and post from there
Do we start up a new blog?

What do you all think we should do at this point?

Super afterthought to the point of editing the post to add this, look the guy helped us out allot, can you guys give Vergil here some love?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paul is gone...

This is Anna, I'm going to try to explain, as best I can, the final fight of Paul Rayfield... I realize now this is why I was involved with Paul, with his story, with his life.

Why after his friends were thought lost, why I met him, and Mike, and Angel, and the Oracle....

I was meant to close out his story, to put write his last chapter....

We didn't leave a note last night before we left to face Antonio, Mike and Angel stayed behind, I went with Paul, Vergil, and Vergil's team, Vergil advised we needed the element of surprise, and given Paul's habit of giving those little "Just in case I die" Messages before it hits the fan.....

Anyways I'm wasting word count, Antonio was held up in an abandoned restaurant, Paul seemed to recognize the place, and gave a sort of rough layout for Vergil's team...

They went in both the front and the back, I didn't see what happened to Vergil's team, just after allot of shooting, and screaming, all the guns went Silent, it was at this point I snuck in, just out of sight....

I saw Paul and Vergil facing off against Antonio, the Black Bokken, was more of, what's the word, a Cestus with a long blade sticking out of it. Paul asked Antonio to stand down

"Sorry, You want Maya alive, you BOTH DIE" Antonio bellowed
"Aw, and here I thought we were old friends Hoody?" Vergil snickered out
"Save it Vergil! You said my only options was for me to die, or lose Maya for good? Sorry friend, I'm opting for a third option, I beat you and save the girl, how does that sound" Paul spoke out in a confident, but unwell tone,

Antonio gave a classic slasher smile "Like Classic you, hopelessly naive."

I can't believe how fast Antonio Moved, Vergil opened up with that rapid fire shotgun of his, and only hit the walls before Antonio actually kicked him out of the building, leaving Paul, with that weird "Fade Katana" trick he had been working on the last few days.

You know, I know the stronger of a blade he could create, the closer he was to his end, and he looked like he was one foot in the grave all day yesterday, big bags under his eyes, pale, he actually looked like his weight was dropping off as he starting to fade away slowly. he looked more like a walking corpse than the strong man we knew him to be.

Anyways Paul's moves were, fluid, almost ethereal, like a man in the peak of health, rather than facing his last hours on earth, Paul was stabbed once in the stomach, and he was bleeding. But Paul struck he last blow, a powerful, deep strike down Antonio's chest. The blade seemed to cut through Antonio's telekinetic defenses.

"I'm real sorry my friend" Paul was crying as he swung down, taking Antonio's head to end his suffering... he let out a cry of anguish afterwards.

Vergil made it back in the building, he looked pretty shocked as well, I mean Vergil called Antonio is "Rival"... I must of figured that maybe he thought that he would of struck the last blow...

Paul picked up the Bokken.... and the creepiness returned with the color in his face. He didn't smile, he didn't look satisfied with himself...

Paul never told us how he was going to get his love back, but he said he had an idea.


To say he looked pissed, well that was putting it mildly, I don't know how I looked hugging a wall, but Vergil, well his calm composure was gone at that point. "Paul what the hell are you doing?"

Paul ignored him and went around smacking stuff with the Bokken shouting the Slenderman's name, trying to get it's attention.

It would of been okay, let him rant a bit, call out the horrid monster that was stalking us all, and hoped nothing happen, that would of been fine

But we all got a chill, we all looked in the same direction, and there was the god damn monster itself...

None of us spoke, we all felt like we made a terrible mistake at that point, well at least I did, Paul shook off the fear, looking less sick as the Bokken held his soul in place, he stammered for a second, before closing his eyes, finding his center, smirked and spoke

"So you made a deal with my friend over there right? So I'm going to make you a deal right now, this thing" We waived the Bokken tentatively "Well this can hurt you, or pass for hurting you right?, and you would rather see it out of Runner hands I'm sure, so were going to make a trade."

I looked at him, I felt my heart sink, I felt the urge to scream, but I couldn't muster the will to do so... I wanted to tell him to stop, to not do this, we just fought so hard for the Bokken so we could keep him on this earth, he was going to throw it away now!

"Give me Maya, and you can have this!"

Vergil and I was shocked, our Jaws were damn near on the floor when he said that...

The slenderman, without speaking, but clear as day said "Deal"

I blinked out of reflex, and she was there, literally just like that, not coherent but looking around, she saw Paul, Vergil, me, but she didn't speak, the slenderman released her and she took a few steps towards us before dropping to the floor

Paul stepped beside her and tossed the Bokken to the Slenderman, who caught it with a Tentacle... and with another forced Blink. It was gone...

Paul; laughed... then crumpled to the floor next to her, on his knees he cradled her, I couldn't hear what was said, but even in the girls half dazed half crazed state, she smile and mouthed what I saw was "I love you"

Paul started to, I guess the words I'm looking for is "crumble into light", I guess the Bokken not being in our world anymore speed up the process of his fading, they kissed one more time, and he looked at us both and said his last words.

"I wish I had more time" with a tear filled smile....

Then he was gone... he faded completely.

So now you know the end of Paul's story, and the start of ours, I plan on keeping the blog going out of memory for him, maybe he'll find a way to comeback someday, Kinda like Obi-Wan or something. But he's gone from our world.

Maya is sleeping on the couch, she's not talking and is only in god knows what mental state she's in, it's not good.

Vergil I guess volunteered to contact a couple other runners Paul knew to break the bad news. he said he would stop by before leaving, but his mission is over, and he frankly could not stay for long past this night.

The Oracle, left once we broke the news to him, he said "Paul's going to need a guide in the fade" Before leaving, it's kinda reassuring that he's not alone out there.

Angel, Mike, Maya, and Myself carry on, and we'll keep carrying on for now, I'm not stupid enough to believe were out of the woods yet, but we got a bit of a breather for right now, we'll live a day at a time.

We'll live... We'll live.